The Diner Cupcake

This past week I had my first cupcake from a food truck.  GiaVia Sweets can be found traveling around in a pink and white cupcake truck in Chicago and the suburbs.  Food trucks are a new trend in the last few years.  In Chicago, food trucks pick a place to gather in one spot to sell their product.  Then they move on to a new location the next day.  Food trucks focus on selling one particular item or they have a theme for their truck.  GiaVia Sweets sell a variety of cupcakes and they like to change their menu frequently.

I purchased the Diner Cupcake.  I see cupcakes like this all the time on television, but I haven’t seen a cupcake like this in a bakery.  The Diner Cupcake is a doughnut cake topped with chocolate ganache,  maple buttercream, and candied bacon.  The cake was a heavier cake, which I expected because the cupcake was imitating a cake doughnut.  It was a good cinnamon cake doughnut and it was very crumbly, similar to a doughnut.  However, it did take longer to eat, it was chewier than your normal cupcake.  You need a glass of milk to help with the the doughnut texture.  The sweet maple buttercream frosting helped with the texture.  The maple flavoring was not overwhelming and it complimented the cinnamon flavor of the cupcake perfectly.  The chocolate ganache also was a nice addition to the cupcake and added a nice flavor component.  It was not too much sweetness for one dessert.  The candied bacon didn’t add much to the cupcake, it was a great decoration piece and added to the concept of a breakfast cupcake.  Yet, I could not taste the bacon which was a disappointment.  The cupcake was good, but too heavy for my liking.

GiaVia Sweets offer a variety of delicious flavors that change frequently so check their website to see what they offer currently.  Also, check out their website to find out where their food truck is camped out for the day!

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