Hello, my name is Jennifer & I love desserts

Luscious Layers

Luscious Layers is a small bakery that focuses mainly on speciality cakes, however they do have a small selection of cupcakes.  They have around a dozen flavors ranging from the classics to interesting cupcake flavors such as french toast.  They change some of their cupcake flavors weekly, so you can check their website for the current flavors.  The speciality cakes they displayed were beautiful and detailed.  You could tell the bakers took pride in their work and were also creative.

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How to Make Carrot Cake

Every year I find myself make carrot cake at least once.  I am not sure why I only make it once a year, because I need to use this recipe more often.  I found this recipe from a cookbook I received as a present.  The cookbook, Joy of Cooking, has great recipes and still ones I need to try out, but this carrot cake recipe trumps them all.  What’s funny, is that I never liked carrot cake until I tried this recipe.

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Oak Mill Bakery

Oak Mill Bakery in Niles, IL (yes another bakery in Niles) is a bakery with several options to choose from.  The decision was thus very hard.  They had butter cookies, cake slices, brownies, cupcakes, and beautifully decorated pastries.  They definitely have some talented decorators in their bakery.  Since I said the decision was hard to choose only one, I purchased two items (which is becoming the normal routine for me now).

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Le Sucre Cakes & Cupcakes

Le Sucre Cakes & Cupcakes in Niles focuses mainly on decorated cakes for wedding, birthdays, and special events.  However, they also have a small selection of cupcakes.  The cupcakes they have are your classic flavors, but they try to deliver on everyone’s favorites.

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Dinkel’s Craving

This past weekend I was in the Lakeview neighborhood and decided to make a stop at Dinkel’s Bakery.  I was looking forward to buying two chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting.  I am not always in the neighborhood so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a quick stop at the bakery.  However, I only had a limited time (about 15 minutes) to pick up my cupcakes.  When I went in the line was extremely long, but this was not unusual for Dinkel’s.  So I took a number and waited.  And waited.  My number was so closing to being called, but my 15 minutes was almost up.  I unfortunately had to make the hard decision of leaving the bakery without my cupcakes.  I was so disheartened at my loss.  If I had more time those cupcakes would have been mine!

Oh Dinkel’s, I need those cupcakes!

Please go and buy the chocolate cupcakes that I was unable to purchase!  You can find Dinkel’s at:

3329 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

Mrs. A’s Cupcakes

Mrs. A’s Cupcakes at the Pickwick in Park Ridge is a small bakery that focuses mainly on cupcakes.  However, make sure to have a selection of cupcakes from the traditional flavors to the seasonal cupcakes.  What drove me to go to a bakery in the suburbs was one of those coupons done by Groupon and Living Social.  I was able to choose six cupcakes with my coupon.  Instead of focusing on the six that I purchased I am going to talk about two.

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The Importance of Sifting

Sifting is important to baking.  It is the act of putting a fine substance such as flour or powdered sugar through a sieve to separate the large particles and lumps from the rest of the good powdered sugar or flour.  Or it is the process of removing the bad substance from the good.  Sifting ensures that the product you are baking is at its best quality.

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How to Make Easy and Delicious Brownies

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I can only think of one thing, chocolate!  Every year I like to make a chocolate dessert for the occasion.  I am not a big Valentine’s Day celebrator, but I do like to make delicious treats for the day.  A favorite of mine is a recipe by Paula Deen.  She has a variety of brownies or bars that are great, but her Maggie’s Decadent Brownies are by far the best.  I have made these brownies several times.  They are rich, thick and definitely require a large glass of milk.  They are also great with ice cream and chocolate syrup.  They are easy to make and are fun to share.

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Sweet Sensations Pastry

Sweet Sensations Pastry is a small bakery in North Center that uses the finest ingredients to deliver the very best products.  They have a small selection of baked products, but I feel that bakeries who have a small selection focus more on flavor than on quantity.  I was greeted upon my arrival and I received quick and prompt answers to my questions.

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Wannahaveacookie.com is a website that sells cookies, whoopie pies, and cookie bars.  The only negative thing about having a website to sell the product is that you do not get to see the item you are purchasing.  Personally for me I like to see what I am buying and most of the time my purchase is influenced by what I see.  However, that did not stop me from buying a couple of items.

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